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I am 21, I live in London, I love clothes and I'm a bit of a slave to fashion. My friends know of my addiction to the latest trends and often ask me for my advice which I am more than happy to give(!) I also have a secret habit of styling people that I see on my travels, reinventing an improved style for them in my mind! I've been following a few fashion blogs but haven't really found what i've been looking for, so i've decided to create my own to share my ideas of style with anyone who is interested! I am a working girl on a tight budget (a healthy size 10) and clothes have to come at a price I can afford. I am hoping to show that it is possible to keep up with the trends with buys from the high street. So, I will be posting things that I would want to see in a blog. I hope you like it! I'd appreciate constructive comments. xx

Sunday, 31 July 2011

New posts very soon..

Hey guys, just a quick message to say sorry I haven't updated for a while- I have just been working so much as I'm going away on Tuesday for two weeks! I will be updating daily whilst I'm in holiday, so please keep coming back to check!

Loz x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Never fully dressed without a smile.

This outfit was one I wore to a friends birthday last weekend, for such an occasion a cheeky new outfit was needed so took a trip to New Look. I am wearing Capri Pants a trend mentioned in a previous post, a purple blouse which colour very much resembles my hair and then these new tan heels (ridiculously high!) which I adore, also from New Look. I did cheat and take flats with me and just changed the heels when I got to the venue but it was chucking it down with rain - so just being sensible, ha! Considering I didn't really know many people there, it turned out to be a good night and meet some cool new people.

I want to start posting a lot more on my blog it just takes a lot of time and i'm trying to work and save as much money as possible at the moment so I can look at doing a fashion course and pursue my career hopefully as a fashion stylist or buyer! But I appreciate those of you who keep coming back to check out the blog, please keep coming back to me with feedback as it really helps a lot.. (except you mirror boys!)

Global Prints.

A popular trend this summer is global prints, an easy way to transform your wardrobe. If you are someone who likes to keep things simple and classic then I would stay away from this trend as it is all about making a statement. There are ways to make wearing a printed garment a bit more subtle; wearing a plain white tee, jeans or shorts, tan sandals, a statement chunky gold necklace then going for a statement "printed" colourful beaded bag is one way. I would always say to keep some element of the outfit plain however "prixing" is the way to fully rock this trend (mixing your prints) The more you pile on the better - but try mix n matching garments with some similarities whether it be colour, size or the graphic line to not make a horrendously clashing outfit! Wear this trend with confidence.

Key pieces -
Patterened hareem trousers
Geometrical prints
Lots of gold
Tan leather 

L.A.M.B & Missoni Spring/Summer 2011

My High Street Favourites.
Petite Exclusive Printed Jumpsuit - ASOS
A/Wear Belted One Shoulder Tribal Print Dress - ASOS
Maison Scotch Tribal Print Harem Trousers - ASOS

Multi Tribal Print Maxi Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Oriental Print Kimono Jacket - Topshop

Abstract Print Skirt - Forever 21

Linear Tribal Cut Out Shoulder Studded Tee - ASOS
Tribal Print Tunic - Matalan

Tribal Maxi Skirt - Forever 21

Tribal Print Hanky Hem Top - Matalan

Aztec Printed Leggings - Topshop
Multi Paisley Print Teddy - Topshop
Tribal Mix Crop Top - Forever 21

Tribal Pintuck Dress - Miss Selfridge
Ethnic High Waist Shorts - Forever 21
Rare Tribal Mesh Cut Out Tube Dress - ASOS
Tribal Shorts W/Belt - Forever 21
Tribal Headwrap - Forever 21

FRAME Tan Double Buckle Metal Trim Sandals - Topshop

Highness Blue Jewel Embellished Cross Over Sandals - Topshop

Monday, 18 July 2011

Simply Red.

I dyed my hair last week but haven't had a chance to post a picture yet, so here it is. I've been wanting to go red for a long time but finally decided to go through with it. My sister did it for me initially, I wanted to try the ombre hair which is where there is a gradual fade of colour from the top of your hair to the ends, so I left the ends blonde and did the rest red! But it didn't work very well so had to redo it. Quite happy with the results now though, I love doing spontaneous things and I think change is always good! Sorry the body shot isn't very clear I had to zoom in as it was taken at a distance so lost the quality, you get the idea though! I have been wanting to wear these knee high socks for a while now but never found the right outfit to pull them off, think this works though - just a long boob tube dress with a long cardigan on top and the ever so popular biker boots that everyone seems to own nowadays! I would normally have added some jewellery but all my clothes and accessories are in suitcases at the minute and I've just not had a chance to sort through them.

Armour Ring.

I wanted to do a post about a new jewellery trend which is the armour ring because every time I wear mine everybody comments on it! The style of finger armour is speculated to have started in the Renaissance era, being a display of wealth and power. If you had seen one previously you would probably have associated it with a goth fashion style (i would have anyway!) but it is now a very easily accessible accessory in both high street and designer stores. It can add instant glam to your look. The armour ring covers just about the entire finger excluding the nail, most of them bend with the knuckle to make it more comfortable to wear. It's best worn on the middle finger but it's completely down to personal preference. The other advantage is that you're pretty safe when wearing it as it's a pretty hefty piece of jewellery - it could do some serious harm! ha.

Black Stone Gold Knuckle Armour Ring - EBAY
(There are hundreds on Ebay, just type in Armour Ring in search)

Pearl Armour Ring - Topshop

Plain Silver Armour Ring - Topshop

Rhinestone Pearl Armour Ring - Topshop
Pyramid Armour Ring - Topshop

 ASOS Hinged Metal Armour Ring - ASOS

Vintage Style Filigree Articulated Armour Ring - ASOS

Absolutely love this Armour Ring by Vivienne Westwood although  it's insanely expensive!
Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring - ASOS

Monday, 11 July 2011

i'll guarantee you'll miss me..

I wore this outfit for one of the hot summer days we had last week. Absolutely loving the summer hats in trend this season, perfect for bad hair days and an instant fashion update for most outfits. The picture below is just a few of my summer essentials, LOOK magazine (buy it every week without fail).. A bowl of cheeky olives and a glass of PIMMS - doesn't get much better. This was just a quick outfit I put together nothing fancy at all. Also loving espadrilles at the minute, so comfortable! I probably have far too many pairs - but that's what happens when New Look sells them for only £6.99!!

Mid-Summer Maxi

One of the most wanted items this season is the maxi skirt, the perfect wear this summer, light and breezy you can barely feel it on your skin! There are millions to choose from in different styles and colours. Although the maxi skirt has been an ongoing trend for the past couple of seasons now - this season its all about vibrant colours - you will definitely stand out from the crowd if you get creative with colour. 

To get straight to the top of this seasons fashion trend go for a sheer maxi, you do not necessarily have to show off your underwear if it is out of your comfort zone, there are semi sheer fabrics available that leave a bit more to the imagination haha. A lot of the sheer maxis have an inbuilt smaller skirt underneath but if not simply add one yourself. Team with a blouse or vest top/tshirt for summer but for the more breezy nights pair with an oversized sweater. I would go for wedge shoes - they seem to look good with anything but particularly maxi skirts.

They are utterly romantic and feminine regardless of the occasion - wear them at the beach, in the park, at festivals or cocktail parties.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Paul & Joe

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Red Split Side Maxi Skirt - Topshop
Blue Split Side Maxi Skirt - Topshop

Animal Print Maxi Skirt - Miss Selfridge

Crinkle Lace Maxi Skirt - Miss Selfridge

ASOS Side Split Maxi Skirt - ASOS

Sand Layered Maxi Skirt - Topshop
Blush Plisse Maxi Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Dark Blue Belted Paperbag Maxi Skirt - River Island
(also available in red)
Orange Belted Maxi Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Magenta Gathered Slit Side Maxi Skirt - Topshop

Silk Maxi Skirt - Forever 21

Grey Jersey Belted Maxi Skirt - River Island
(also available in navy, orange, dark green, red and brown)
Floral Prairie Skirt w/belt - Forever 21

Pearl Jersey Maxi Skirt - ASOS

Black Ruched Waist Maxi Skirt - Topshop
(black is quite a heavy colour for summer so it's probably best to keep it for winter -
if not pair with sandals and pops of colour to make it more summery)