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I am 21, I live in London, I love clothes and I'm a bit of a slave to fashion. My friends know of my addiction to the latest trends and often ask me for my advice which I am more than happy to give(!) I also have a secret habit of styling people that I see on my travels, reinventing an improved style for them in my mind! I've been following a few fashion blogs but haven't really found what i've been looking for, so i've decided to create my own to share my ideas of style with anyone who is interested! I am a working girl on a tight budget (a healthy size 10) and clothes have to come at a price I can afford. I am hoping to show that it is possible to keep up with the trends with buys from the high street. So, I will be posting things that I would want to see in a blog. I hope you like it! I'd appreciate constructive comments. xx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Crochet Craze.

Trend Two.

Crochet is a big summer trend, in particular dresses or tops embellished with crochet detail. The easiest ways to wear crotchet would be a simple cardigan, bag or even crochet shoes or for a sexy holiday look a crochet dress would go perfectly on top of a bikini.

My favourite crochet pieces.
Leather Strap Bright Crochet Bag - ASOS

Hand Crochet Flower Kimono  - Topshop
an amazing wardrobe update as kimonos
are another BIG trend this summer

Beige Crochet Vest Dress - Dorothy Perkins
good deal at the moment at dorothy perkins online
just LIKE their facebook page and get 10% discount.

'Rise Boutique' Crochet Shift Dress - Peacocks

Beige Crochet Crop Jumper - River Island

Peach Meadow Print Crochet Waist Button Front Dress - Topshop
Multiple colours available
Here's the link to all colours

Back Crochet Shift Dress - River Island
(also lovely in red)

ASOS PREMIUM crochet waistcoat

White Crochet Shorts - River Island
Brown Crochet Shoes - River Island
also available in blue, pink and white & cream

Cream Crochet Wire Wrap Headband - River Island

Aqua Crochet Bikini  - River Island

Monday, 23 May 2011

What To Wear Spring/Summer 2011

I'm starting with what's hot for Spring/Summer 2011. I find it can be a challenge to keep track of different trends as they seem to change constantly. I also know how it feels to be working full time and not having the time or patience to browse the internet, magazines, shops etc for the latest fashion must haves. As all of us fashionistas are aware it is also an expensive job trying to keep your wardrobe up to date so I have decided to find the key items which I feel represent the latest trends best for the most reasonable prices.

Trend one: Bohemian Style, Boho Chic (Fringe&Feathers) A mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy and vintage. The key to pulling off the Bohemian look is;
  •  layering your clothes
  • wearing comfortable and casual items
  •  lots of jewellery (think gypsy)
  • hair should have lots of volume (backcomb)
  • the perfect shoes would be this season's flat moccassins or sandals with lots of beads and embroidery.

  As seen on the catwalk
Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2011

 How it's appeared in the shops.

Knitted Natural Lace Flower Fringed Vest (Topshop)

Capri Cropped Top (All Saints)
not the cheapest but I just love this tshirt

Peacock drops with feathers (Miss Selfridge)

Coral Feather Necklace (Dorothy Perkins)
Feather Tassel Alice Band (Miss Selfridge) 

and here is my take on the bohemian trend.

Trilby - Topshop
Long sleeved top - Topshop
Fringed waistcoat - New Look
Black high waisted skirt - New Look
LOVE ring - Topshop
Belt - New Look
This is my favourite trend this season definitely perfect for all the festivals coming up this summer!