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I am 21, I live in London, I love clothes and I'm a bit of a slave to fashion. My friends know of my addiction to the latest trends and often ask me for my advice which I am more than happy to give(!) I also have a secret habit of styling people that I see on my travels, reinventing an improved style for them in my mind! I've been following a few fashion blogs but haven't really found what i've been looking for, so i've decided to create my own to share my ideas of style with anyone who is interested! I am a working girl on a tight budget (a healthy size 10) and clothes have to come at a price I can afford. I am hoping to show that it is possible to keep up with the trends with buys from the high street. So, I will be posting things that I would want to see in a blog. I hope you like it! I'd appreciate constructive comments. xx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Crochet Craze.

Trend Two.

Crochet is a big summer trend, in particular dresses or tops embellished with crochet detail. The easiest ways to wear crotchet would be a simple cardigan, bag or even crochet shoes or for a sexy holiday look a crochet dress would go perfectly on top of a bikini.

My favourite crochet pieces.
Leather Strap Bright Crochet Bag - ASOS

Hand Crochet Flower Kimono  - Topshop
an amazing wardrobe update as kimonos
are another BIG trend this summer

Beige Crochet Vest Dress - Dorothy Perkins
good deal at the moment at dorothy perkins online
just LIKE their facebook page and get 10% discount.

'Rise Boutique' Crochet Shift Dress - Peacocks

Beige Crochet Crop Jumper - River Island

Peach Meadow Print Crochet Waist Button Front Dress - Topshop
Multiple colours available
Here's the link to all colours

Back Crochet Shift Dress - River Island
(also lovely in red)

ASOS PREMIUM crochet waistcoat

White Crochet Shorts - River Island
Brown Crochet Shoes - River Island
also available in blue, pink and white & cream

Cream Crochet Wire Wrap Headband - River Island

Aqua Crochet Bikini  - River Island

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